Inside the Nerdverse

Inside the Nerdverse

When I first had the idea for NerdNav there was no obvious nerd element. It was going to be an augmented reality app that you could use to show you what is in a particular direction and what is under your feet right now.

Once I decided to include the fantasy worlds of JRR Tolkien and George RR Martin the whole thing took on a more nerdy slant. At that point I started looking at alternative datasets that would complement what I was already doing, and a dataset of locations that would appeal to nerds was an idea that seemed fun to develop so I threw myself into it.

Originally my target was 100 locations. I figured I could probably get to that, but I suddenly found that the list was increasing daily. At the time I was doing some contract development in Camberley (30 miles sw of London) and every time I headed into the town to get lunch I challenged myself to come up with at least three more locations for the dataset that I’d tagged as The Nerdverse. Usually this ended up with me walking around Waterstones the bookstore trying to stimulate my imagination.

After several weeks I compiled the 300 locations that were in the initial dataset.

Determining what is in the Nerdverse is a tricky business. Most nuggles (non-nerds) would think of nerds as being into science fiction, fantasy and computing, all of which are true of course. But others might think that a nerd is someone who just has an unnaturally detailed knowledge on a particular subject. On that basis it is possible to be nerdy about anything, which makes for a very broad range of locations for a Nerdverse.

However, I’m not a nerd with universal interests, so it’s natural that this initial nerdverse should be based on my own interests. What I’d like to do is take suggestions regarding additional locations that can be added to the Nerdverse for future updates. So if you have a suggestion reach me on Twitter @nerdnav or just include a suggestion in a comment below. I post a location on Twitter most days. Check it out.


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